Peterson stroboclip hd

Peterson stroboCLIP HD Clip-On Strobe Tuner REVIEW

What is it? The Peterson stroboCLIP HD clip-on tuner is a low-cost introductory clip-on tuner competing in the world of Korg, D’addario, and TC Electronic clip-on tuners.  Here are the specs: Features High-def backlist display Wide viewing angle Visible in direct sunlight Adjustable frequency (Hz) calibration Drop tuning, open-tuning, and […]

How to Relic a Guitar

How to Relic a Guitar

Why do we have this fascination with vintage guitars? Different people will give you different answers, but we can all agree that the sound, the look, the feel, the history is what attract us to vintage guitars. Let’s be realistic, how many people have $5,000 to $50,000 to buy an […]

guitar lessons

The Importance of Guitar Lessons

How My First Guitar Lessons Greatly Shaped My Playing Today I remember my first guitar lessons.  We learned “baby chords” like G, D, D7, A, Em, C, F – then B7, Am, Bm. This is what my teacher taught us.  I had a one hour lesson per week and I […]

buddy guy

The Time I Met Buddy Guy and Blew it

The Time I Met Buddy Guy and Blew it I promised myself that if I ever met Buddy Guy I would stay cool, calm, and collected, not to mention especially respectful.  Well, I broke that promise about three and a half years ago. I’ve met other celebrities and I managed […]

The Who

The Who toujours en pleine forme

Bonjour à tous.  L’autre soir, The Who a joué sur l’emission de Jimmy Fallon “The Late-Night Show” leur fameuse tune “Who Are You”. On voit que ces musiciens n’ont pas perdu leur crédibilité au fils des années.  Performance vraiment remarquable ces anglais !   The Who – Who Are You […]