January 20, 2019

Band Post Hardcore / Metalcore Cherche Guitariste ( Ville de Montréal ) Gratuit

Band Post-Hardcore / Metalcore, looking for a guitar player that is MOTIVATED, someone that is cool with shows, knows about production, can write music.
Since the members and the band is already established in the scene, show experience is preferably required. We’re based in Montreal and would need someone that’s motivated and love to work on music. we’re in the process of writing our first EP and are currently in the studios. We DO have experience, members have shared the stage with bands such as The Color Morale, Modern Day Escape, Close To Home, Affiance, Deception Of A Ghost and more. This is our dream, and there’s no doubt we’ll tour in a near future.

Inspiration: Of Mice Men, Memphis May Fire, Northlane, Volumes, Issues, The Devil Wears Prada, Sleeping With Sirens, Motionless In White, While She Sleeps, For Today more

Band Post-Harcore / Metalcore, cherche un guitariste qui est MOTIVÉ, quelqun qui est cool a faire des shows, qui s’y connais en production, peut ecrire de la musique. Les membres le band est deja etablis dans la scene, l’experience de show est préférable. On est basé a Montreal aurais besoins de quelqun de motivé et qui aime travailler sur la musique. On est en train d’ecrire notre premier EP on est presentement en studio. On a de l’experience, des membres du band on partager le stage avec des band tel que: The Color Morale, Modern Day Escape, Close To Home, Affiance, Deception Of A Ghost et plus. Cest notre reve, et il y a pas de doute qu’on vas tour dans un future proche.

Langue Parlées/Spoken Languages: Mainly English, but we know french too.
Majoritarement Anglais, mais on parle aussi francais.

(We’re already started and going well)
Text 5147971204 if you think you’re a good fit

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