Electro-Harmonix Classics English Muff’n Overdrive Guitar Effect ( Ville de Montréal ) $150,00

Pratiquement neuve !!!

A bloody masterpiece!
Taking its inspiration from legendary British guitar amplifiers, the Electro-Harmonix English Muff’n Overdrive Pedal re-creates their majesty and classic tone with spot-on accuracy. Rather than approximating these amps as do emulator products, the English Muff’n employs real vacuum tubes, including a 12AY7 cascading into a 12AX7, to produce true Brit-valve sounds that are full of richness and natural saturation.

Article source: http://montreal.kijiji.ca/c-acheter-et-vendre-instruments-de-musique-amplificateurs-pedales-Electro-Harmonix-Classics-English-Muffn-Overdrive-Guitar-Effect-W0QQAdIdZ462625379

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