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Looking for a roommate – all incl. Heart of the Plateau

Hey all,

I have a room available in my apartment. The apartment is just below Duluth on Hotel de Ville. If you’re not familiar with the area, it is right in the middle of St. Laurent St. Denis – the 2 main roads with tons of restaurants, bars, stores, cafes. We have a great grocery store a few blocks away that is insanely cheap and has tons of organic, gluten free and vegan options if you are looking for that. Sherbrooke metro station is an 8 minute walk and Jean Mance park is also about 8 minutes away.

The apartment is quite large (maybe 1200 square feet) and is on the second floor of a duplex. It has 2 balconies – the one in the back is more of a bbq only size, but the one in the front is a decent size and gets sun all day in the summer. I have an extra room that I use as a gym which you are more than welcome to use. the living room/dining room is pretty big, as is the kitchen. You can see from the photos that the kitchen and bathroom are 70s Portuguese style right now, but both are about to be completely renovated. The floors are about to be redone as well and the skylight in the middle of the apartment is going to be opened up a bit to bring more light to the apartment. I have a laundry room in the back with a washer and dryer and there is a small open room in the front that leads to the balcony. I will probably turn it into an office space as you will be moving into what is presently the office.

The room available is medium size, I have a couch, 2 book cases and a desk in there now. You are welcome to keep any of the furniture that is in there now and use it or I will move it all out to make room for your stuff. A double bed would fit best, but you could probably manage a queen though it will be tight. There is no closet in the room, but I have a clothing rack that you can use if you like.

The cost is 775$, this includes rent, heat/hotwater and internet. The room can be available as early as May 1st but I am open to waiting until July 1st.

I’m 37, I work as a personal trainer and my schedule is all over the place. I do use the ‘gym room’ for work about 12 hours per week. So I am looking for someone who is alright with that and will be respectful and quiet while I am working.

I am a pretty chill guy, I am focused on work most of the time and when I’m home I spend a lot of the time quietly reading or writing. I also love watching hockey, movies and playing/listening to music. I do like having people over once in a while and you are welcome to do so too. I’m in a band and I do occasionally play guitar and sing in the apartment, but I’ll totally reserve that for when you’re out. If you’re a musician maybe we can jam, but I’m a pretty shoddy guitar player soooo, maybe not!

I am often in bed sorta early and up early and so I’m looking for someone who leads a similar lifestyle. I want you to be super comfortable here, the apartment is a shared space and I am open to hanging out, making meals, having drinks and all that, I just can’t have a party atmosphere with my schedule.

I am looking for a non smoker with no pets, someone who works full time or is a serious student is preferred.

If you’re interested please email me and let me know a bit about yourself and maybe we can set up a time to meet and for you to see the place.



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