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SRV Tube Screamer Settings

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Tube Screamer Settings

For quite some time, I too have been looking for my tone.  I’ve been playing for many years and I own gear I worked hard for.  I followed all the advice I could soak up, but my tone was just as elusive as that pot of gold at the end […]

Guitar Tuner Holes

How to Relic a Guitar: Part 2

What Guitars Can Be Aged? Pretty much any! Even though this booklet concentrates in Stratocasters and Telecasters, you can use any of the information here to age any brand or type of guitars including basses. If you want to get that real vintage look and make people wonder where the […]

How to Relic a Guitar

How to Relic a Guitar

Why do we have this fascination with vintage guitars? Different people will give you different answers, but we can all agree that the sound, the look, the feel, the history is what attract us to vintage guitars. Let’s be realistic, how many people have $5,000 to $50,000 to buy an […]

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