2001 Gibson Epiphone Custom "BLACK BEAUTY"!!!!!! ( Ville de Montréal ) $550,00

2001 Gibson Epiphone Custom “BLACK BEAUTY”, 100% originale, superbe condition, modele avec 3 pickups (3 alnico classic humbuckers), hardware tout en gold, binding blanc contournant le corps, le manche ainsi que le headstock. inlays en perles, pickguard noir, ajustee recemment (preuve a l’appui), locktone tune-o-matic bridge, construction en acajou (corps et manche) a part le fretboard qui est en rosewood, CETTE GUITARE JOUE ET SONNE A MERVEILLE!!!! Case dur inclu, Echanges considere,

2001 Gibson Epiphone Custom “BLACK BEAUTY”, 100% original, superbe condition, model with 3 pickups (3 alnico Classic Humbuckers), all gold hardware, white binding surrounding the body, neck and headstock, inlays made of pearls, black pickguard, adjusted recently by a professional luither (receipts available), locktone tune-o-matic bridge, fabrication entirely of mohagony except for the fretboard which is made of rosewood, THIS GUITAR LOOKS AND SOUNDS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Hard case included, Trades considered, Frank

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