BOSS GT-6 Guitar Effects Unit ( Ville de Montréal ) $160,00

I am the original owner of this unit and I can guarantee that it works. Aside from a couple small paint scratches, it’s in good condition. It has endless possibilities of effects arrangements and processing, a programmable expression pedal, and midi.

I used to use it live and in studio (into P.A. and tube amps). It’s interesting plugging more than guitars into it such as monotrons, synths, contact mics, etc. The mechanics of the expression pedal are really smooth which makes for great filter sweeps and wah action.

Great for playing in an apartment if you want to plug in headphones, route a mp3 player through it, and let er rip at 4 am.

If you want to know all about it, visit this link to the Boss website:

No trades, cash only.

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