[DISCUSSION] – HAPPY NEW YEAR – JANUARY 2023 – NSQ/NEWBIE/Often Asked Questions Thread

JANUARY 2023 – NSQ/NEWBIE/Often Asked Questions Thread

Please follow all of the rules.

Before asking any question in the sub, please use the search function to see if the topic has been discussed. Your answer you seek just may be there.

For brand new, just starting out players, read our community created [wiki/faq](https://www.reddit.com/r/Guitar/wiki/index/). This will probably answer many of your questions.

Often asked questions, New Player Questions go into this thread.

Some examples –

What should I buy? (Guitars/Picks/Pickups/Pickguards/Screw Sizes)

What is the difference between these guitars/pedals/amps.

How do I modify my guitar?

How do I get motivated to play?

Why is my rig making noises/stopped working?

What setting do I need for this song?

What do I learn/Where do I start?

What key is this song in?

Can someone tab this song for me?

Trolls will be banned so please treat others with respect.

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