[DISCUSSION] My dad makes me want to quit guitar.

So a little background information, my dad had learned guitar back in the 80s and had played in a country band for a short period of time, and he hasn’t played much since.

I am new to guitar, my mother bought me a guitar for Christmas of 2021, I was excited to learn how to play but I wanted to use YouTube tutorials, my dad insisted that I learn from him and I was fine with that until I told him that I wanted to play my music, Grunge, which has very simple songs. My dad got mad at the fact I didn’t want to learn country music, and told me that “you’re never going to like what you’re going to begin with.” I decided to stay away from guitar for a little bit but when I got my drum set, he acted like he knew everything about the drums, which to my knowledge he never played drums, and constantly wanted me to play country, so I switch over to bass, It was the same. My dad wants me to play what he liked, not learned, when I picked up guitar again he started with me learning country again so I started to watch YouTube Tutorials late at night and I’ve been happy with playing guitar until my dad got mad at me for down tuning my guitar claiming that there was no such thing as alternative tuning and “you’re ether in tune or out of tune.” And when I think there’s a problem with my gear and ask him to check he gets mad, and in fact I had a struggle to get my guitar. I’m a true lefty and my dad was forcing me to play right ever since 2017, I never got into a argument with my parents until 2020 when it was to confusing and I quit playing, and now my dad thinks he has to prove everything I do wrong. I know when someone is teaching and when some is just being rude and my dad is acting like he is the only person that I can learn from. I don’t know want to do, I want to play guitar comfortably and and then get to the harder stuff but I can’t do that when someone who has yelled at me for forgetting little things yells at me for not playing the right way. I’ve quit playing guitar for a few weeks now and same for the drums, and today after being told that I bass wrong because I was down tuning to play Alice In Chains – Would? I don’t think I want to be a musician anymore.

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