[DISCUSSION] Practice hours and getting “good”

Hey, I’ve been wondering if guitar players’ different levels are a real thing at all. I’ve been playing for 10 years in row practicing a bit everyday, nowadays 1-3h in a day and that’s a lot for me, having university studies, friends and a couple of bands as well. I know there are players who like to play more, but I simply can’t even though I l like playing. Before I didn’t have the motivation, time, or energy to practice as much. Now I do, but it’s making me tired. I’ve always tried to practice smart, pushing and testing my borders when it comes to technique. I also like to compose own stuff, too, though. It’s just that the bands don’t get anywhere to have gigs, and my time’s restricted, so at home, I focus on technique. Just getting a real challenge is the main thing right now, and of course having a bit fun everyday while doing that. As said, I like playing, I really do, and still this gets hard sometimes. Muscles in my hands get sore, hands get sweaty, I stand up when playing so on hot weather I get sweaty overall. I have 100% focus, which is hard to keep up forever. I keep trying to get effort and energy in my playing even if it was just jamming with a backing track. I keep trying and trying to get better a day by day, almost every single day with no excuses. That’s training and it IS hard regardless how much you love the instrument and music.

After years of that, I nowadays play more “advanced” stuff like YW, Pettrucci, and Dragonforce. Or I thought it’s advanced and requires practice. However, in the net, 2 000 or 5 000 others have added my fav tabs to their favs and commented on it, posted a video of them fluently covering that piece like it was a nice warmup. Like everybody can do that. Where are the beginners and intermediate players? Or is it just that these are all basic songs in the end? Is everybody else practicing 12h in a day and plays like they weren’t from this planet?

I wonder if you have to practice really, really much everyday to get anywhere near “good”? Or who’s good or bad at playing anyway? Any opinions on this?

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