epiphone elitist texan 1964 reissue (not ‘inspired by’ model) ( Ville de Montréal ) $1 000,00

selling an epiphone 1964 reissue texan acoustic guitar, exactly like the one paul mccartney used to record yesterday with. comes with the original hardshell case and goodies. built and sounds exactly like a gibson j-45, same materials, all solid wood, no laminates…it cost over 2000$ new. if you like, i can borrow a gibson j-45 so that you can compare both guitars. they are identical in tone.

The elitist series are crafted in japan and are high end instruments, do not confuse this instrument with the ‘inspired by’ series.

the only issue was a hairline crack on the top that was professionally repaired at lutherie MF, i still have the repair bill to prove it.


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