Jam & Open Mic night at Le Pionnier (Wednesdays @ 8pm-12:30am) ( Ouest de l’île )

Note : We are equipped with a full PA,monitors, mic’d drum-kit, and between our regular guitarists we are assured to have at least 2 full guitar rigs, and a bass rig. Because of limited mic-ing and sound check requirements, these will be the ones used, so no need to bring your own amplifiers or pedals, just your instruments, sticks, etc and yourselves

Pretty much anything goes and we commonly get everything from folk acoustic to heavy metal. Our community is friendly bunch with a wide variety of experience and will help find you whatever backing musicians you may want to help you get up and perform.

Resto Bar Le Pionnier
286 Bord Du Lac
Pointe-Claire, Quebec H9S 4L3

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