looking for a place to live or roommates for September! ( Ville de Montréal ) Sur demande


I am a 20 y/o male planning a move to Montreal for September, and I am looking for a place to live and/or people to live with!

I am really down to earth, love to play guitar and write music (so a jam space/house would be awesome!), Also like to paint, draw, sew, write poetry, read, explore, love spontaneity, surrealism, the sky, and I design and handcraft clothes :). Hoping to find a place near the universities or in the city area, I’ve heard Plateau-Mont Royal is a pretty decent area…

I am currently a student in my third year of university,primarily studying philosophy, also Costume, but have decided to change my paths and hope to attend Concordia for the Fibres programme after a year of living and working in Montreal.

Let me know if you might have a place for me or if I sound like someone you’d like to live with and we can look together or something.

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