[PLAY] First-Take Friday! 8 May 2020 – Blues Rock Backing Track in E

I hope everyone enjoyed last week’s diversion. You all showed up with some great and creative takes on improvising over Klezmer, well done and thanks for rolling with something different. This week we’re back to blues-based rock as promised.

Backing Track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VU_dxOFc1c&t=4s

Blues Rock in E – 108 BPM – 4/4 Time

Scale: E minor pentatonic


  • One take only. These posts are meant for practice and feedback on improvisation, not to something that’s rehearsed.
  • This is not a competition. Listen to other people’s takes and share constructive criticism. There are no winners here, only people that want to improve their playing.
  • If anyone has requests for a particular style/genre, please DM the OP.

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