[Play] I’m learning and playing my way through Guitar World magazine’s top 100 solos of all time and I’m down to my final honorable mention. The biggest oversight on the list. This is HM#1 and Tornado of Souls by Marty Friedman and Megadeth.

honorable mention #1 – Marty Friedman – Tornado of Souls solo https://youtu.be/jvOnOe4_TzE

Hey everyone, Hope you’re all well and playing hard. Winding things down here on this project with one more to go before I’m finished. Took a couple of years but it’s been great fun, a huge challenge and a great learning experience tackling so many solos and so many different styles.

Of all the solos that could have been on this list but weren’t, this one shocked me the most. This “holy grail” of metal solos is widely considered one of the greatest metal solos of all time. How the editors of Guitar World missed this one is beyond me.

I’ll do my part by adding it to the honorable mention list at #1. A tough, tough solo to play. That goes without saying. Marty uses almost every soloing technique in the book in this one and she’s also famously quick.

Took me a good 8 or 9 days to pin this one down until I was comfortable with it. I actually made a 16 minute long video of a practice session after I had been working on it for 2 or 3 nights. I’ve included it in the description for this video if you’d like to check it out.

Over and out for now. Number 1 coming up next week. Get to finish up with a fairly easy one, so that’s a bonus.

Then I’ll be on to a new project. Top 50 solos that didn’t make this list. The top 50 most underrated, under appreciated or unknown solos. Working on the list now and this time it’ll be a list of my own choosing (with some help from you guys and gals of course!, thanks).

Take care, keep hittin’ those strings. Practice, practice, practice.

Cheers, Kelly

If you’re new and unfamiliar with what I’m doing here, I’ve been at this for 2 1/2 years here on Reddit. Well over 100 solos done at this point. You can check out the playlist if you like https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxgAjMefDXE2UUH1O2CH29UCvRTgSd3qO

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