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[PLAY] First-Take Friday! 9 Apr 2021 – Acoustic Folk

Here’s an upbeat acoustic track to play with. Have fun! Backing track – Acoustic Country Folk in C – 100 BPM Scales: C Major C Major Pentatonic Rules: One take only. Listen to other people’s takes and share constructive criticism. Please DM the OP with style or genre suggestions. Do not monetize your submissions. submitted by /u/BetterGhost [link] [comments]
Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton Videos

My son reminded me that he’s seen every Eric Clapton video I’ve told him about at least twice. But for those of you with no time to waste on, here are some of my […]

Guitar Tuner Holes

How to Relic a Guitar: Part 2

What Guitars Can Be Aged? Pretty much any! Even though this booklet concentrates in Stratocasters and Telecasters, you can use any of the information here to age any brand or type of guitars including basses. […]

DrWatson Lion Tamer

DrWatson’s Lion Tamer

DrWatson’s Lion Tamer came to me by accident at a time that helped me avert great personal tragedy.  No, it doesn’t treat any serious illness or brace a sprained wrist.  It saves your personal relationship […]

Inside a Boss TU-10 Tuner

What’s Inside A Boss TU-10 Clip-on Tuner

After another accident occurred with this tuner I seized the opportunity to snap a photo after its casing instantly separated, probably somewhat in protest for the abuse it’s seen in the past few years.  This […]

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