Dunlop Crybaby GCB95 Wah Wah Guitar Pedal Easy Voice Mod

When it comes to guitar pedals, the Dunlop Crybaby is a classic. And while it’s great for those traditional wah sounds, it can be used for so much more. In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to easily mod the voice of your GCB95 pedal for even 🎸

Univox Melody Maker

Setting up a Univox Melody Maker

Can’t wait to se this up. Already plugged it in and it is enjoyably playable. The neck is straight, the pots are acceptable, but the switch needs a little love (neck position works intermittently.)

Marshall 75 Reverb
Amp Repair

Marshall 75 Reverb Restoral

A real gem of a solid-state amp by Marshall.  I mean, when my guitar slinger friend Neil came over and saw that I fix amps (I was rebuilding my Fender Blues Deluxe ’57 reissue at the time) he exclaimed, “Geez, I have this early-eighties Marshall amp that I love but 🎸

Trigger Thumb

Trigger Finger – Something I Have Had in Common with Steve Vai

What comes to mind when you think “trigger finger?”  Someone holding a large revolver at you with his finger on the trigger?  Dirty Harry brandishing a silver ‘45 revolver in your general direction?  Now that the catchy title caught your attention and you’re getting ready to type the key combo 🎸