Marshall 75 Reverb
Amp Repair

Marshall 75 Reverb Restoral

A real gem of a solid-state amp by Marshall.  I mean, when my guitar slinger friend Neil came over and saw that I fix amps (I was rebuilding my Fender Blues Deluxe ’57 reissue at the time) he exclaimed, “Geez, I have this early-eighties Marshall amp that I love but 🎸

Trigger Thumb

Trigger Finger – Something I Have Had in Common with Steve Vai

What comes to mind when you think “trigger finger?”  Someone holding a large revolver at you with his finger on the trigger?  Dirty Harry brandishing a silver ‘45 revolver in your general direction?  Now that the catchy title caught your attention and you’re getting ready to type the key combo 🎸

Guitar Acquisition Syndrome

Guitar Acquisition Syndrome – Struggling During the Pandemic

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been struggling with GAS (guitar acquisition syndrome) during the COVID-19 pandemic for two years already. It’s really hard not to go out and buy new gear or barter a gear trade. But I have to be strong! I can’t let myself succumb to 🎸

Eric Clapton brownie

Eric Clapton Videos

My son reminded me that he’s seen every Eric Clapton video I’ve told him about at least twice. But for those of you with no time to waste on, here are some of my faves.

SRV Tube Screamer Settings

How to Sound Like SRV – Tube Screamer Settings

If you’re a fan of Stevie Ray Vaughan, you’ve probably wondered how he gets that unique sound. In this post, we’ll show you how to sound more like SRV and emulate his tone and, (hopefully) play like him. With just a few simple adjustments to your guitar setup and playing 🎸

Guitar Tuner Holes

How to Relic a Guitar: Part 2

What Guitars Can Be Aged? Pretty much any! Even though this booklet concentrates in Stratocasters and Telecasters, you can use any of the information here to age any brand or type of guitars including basses. If you want to get that real vintage look and make people wonder where the 🎸