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Guitar Pedal Lot, Colorsound, Klon, MXR etc … ( Ville de Montréal ) Sur demande

Klon KTR – 600$
Dearmond vintage volume pedal – 50$
Line 6 M13 – 300$
Colorsound Powerboost – 350$
MXR Phase 90 – 50$
Volume Pedal Ernie Ball (needs cleaning) – 100$

Colorsound Powerboost

PAS une des REISSUE ou clone avec le volume sur le coté, UNE ORIGINALE !, a mod was made to allow it to take a plug

Les nouvelles ont un variateur de volume sur le coté. L’inventeur de l’overdrive ! Son TRES Jeff Beck.David Gilmour, je l’ai depuis plus de 7 ans

Not a Reissue, contact me but please don’t waste my time, low ball offers will simply be ignored.

REASONABLE TRADES CONSIDERED, serious inquiries only

Here’s the description from the manufacturer

The Power Boost was born in the late sixties – the idea was to give guitarists a boost . . . . . in power , and it did ! Guess it was just luck that when you turned the pedal up full it sounded like the best stack ever ! We we’re really popular with glaziers in those days , windows were shattering right accross London ! Then the pedal was taken to the Dallas trade show where it was given a huge standing ovation ( like clapping – the guitars hadn’t been invented yet ) and a bunch of flowers – you see the American market was ready for the sound but felt it looked a bit too . . . well . . .orange .

Fuchs Plush Drive

Description: Just because you can’t afford a boutique tube amp, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the chance to sound like you do! The Plush Drive was designed for those who want the true tone, response and feel of boutique tube amps like the Dumble, Two-Rock or Fuchs, at a reasonable price. Call it your “Robben in a box”. The unique 4-knob circuit gives you unprecedented control over the most important aspects of your tone. On the input end, the gain and touch controls allow you to set just the right amount of distortion and pick response, based on your guitar and playing style. On the output end, a subtle tone control and level control allow you to set both your overall lead tone and solo level. A unique bi-fet integrated circuit and matched discrete FETs are designed to emulate the smooth overload and musical second order distortion of a tube circuit quietly, musically, and reliably. Coupled to a good clean amp it’s awesome. Add it to your amps overdrive for a super thick overdrive tone you won’t know how you lived without before. Quiet enough to put in front of an overdriven amp easily.

Type Dumble, Two Rock Overdrive

Fixed price ! A fantastic Overdrive

Klon KTR

Je l’ai acheté sur eBay il y a quelques semaines, 600$ avec shipping

Je demande le meme montant avant de la remettre sur Ebay, je dois financer un nouvel Ampli donc premier venu premier servi

Inutile de vous dire ce qu’est cette pedale, si vous lisez l’annonce, vous le savez, non negociable. Viens avec boite !

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