Looking for Mike Rutherford: Genesis Tribute Band ( Ouest de l’île )

I have a Genesis tribute band going and we’re only missing Mike Rutherford.

You don’t need to own a double neck rickenbacker, you don’t need to own bass pedals.

Even if you only have a regular six string and a bass guitar let us know because at this point, we’re desperate for a Rutherford! I (Steve Hackett in the band) know how to play Rutherford’s parts on guitar and bass so you don’t need to join the band knowing all the riffs and everything.

If you’re interested let us know!
We’re located in the west-island.

Article source: http://montreal.kijiji.ca/c-communaute-artistes-musiciens-Looking-for-Mike-Rutherford-Genesis-Tribute-Band-W0QQAdIdZ519179021

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