100W AMPLI 4 CANAUX + 2 SPEAKERS (PA SYSTEM / SYSTÈME DE SONO) ( Ville de Montréal ) $175,00

INCLUDED: Power cable + two 10′ 1/4-1/4 cables to hook the speakers to the amp.

Jacks: XLR, 1/4.
3-way equilizer (low, mid, high)

Good for small venues, bars, coffee shops…

Possible uses:

– guitar amp (I used it with a Pod XT, sounds good)
– voice amp (multiple voices)
– speakers for a small mobile dj service

Haven’t weighed the whole thing, but I’d say each piece is about 15-20 lbs. There are handles, it’s easy to carry. By hand, you’ll need two people, though.

For reference, the speakers are 19 inches in height.

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