Fender Serial Numbers

Fender Serial Numbers: The Original Series: 1950-1963

The “original” series is actually divided into two periods as the instruments introduced before 1955 were not registered into a common serialization scheme, but each model (or “family”) had a series of its own.  Consequently, the same number can be found on different models made at different times between 1950 🎸

Guitar Tuner Holes

How to Relic a Guitar: Part 2

What Guitars Can Be Aged? Pretty much any! Even though this booklet concentrates in Stratocasters and Telecasters, you can use any of the information here to age any brand or type of guitars including basses. If you want to get that real vintage look and make people wonder where the 🎸

Gibson Les Paul Xray

Gibson Les Paul photos rayons-x

Bonjour aux amateurs des Gibson Les Paul.  Encore une fois, 1000 excuses de ne pas avoir écrit récemment.  J’ai eu accès à un scanneur rayons-x industriel.  Donc, je n’ai pas hésiter d’en profiter pour prendre quelques photos par curiosité. Cette guitare est spéciale.  C’est une Gibson Les Paul Custom 1978.  🎸