Guitar Modes

Basics of Guitar Modes Explained Easily

To keep things simple, if I were to explain musical modes to my grandmother while sitting around the campfire, I’d say the guitar modes are essentially scales that are derived from the major scale. The concept of musical modes originated from ancient Greece, but in modern music, they provide different 🎸

stevie ray vaughan

Intro to Stevie Ray Vaughan Little Wing

This song is one of the most popular and well-known songs by Stevie Ray Vaughan. It was first released on his second album, “Double Trouble,” in 1989. The song has since been covered by a variety of artists, but Vaughan’s version is the most popular. The song is based on 🎸

guitar tuner

Guitar Tunings

Standard Tuning [gtdb tuner=”eadgbe”] Open G [gtdb tuner=”dgdgbd”] Drop D [gtdb tuner=”dadgbe”] DADGAD (Kashmir) [gtdb tuner=”dadgad” strummer=”1″]