[GEAR] Family photo (more info in description)

2020 Fender 60s Vintera Jaguar, my main guitar that I play 90% of the time. Always wanted a jag and this thing just feels great and sounds great. Split coil let’s you have the classic sound and also a nice HH

2021 Martin D-X1e, got a nice deal on one and even though I basically never play acoustic, it’s one of the prettiest guitars I’ve ever owned

2012 Epiphone Dot, saved up all summer in high school to buy this, will never sell it, definitely my most sentimental guitar

2019 SX Ursa Medium Scale, might upgrade the pickups and knobs at some point but the scale length is perfect for me and it’s surprisingly comfortable

1970s Univox Les Paul w replacement neck, found at a local guitar shop. Easily the best setup guitar I’ve ever had. Tried it in the store and couldn’t put it down

I have a rack that holds 5 guitars so my rule is to get a new one I need to sell one first. Been eyeing those worn SGs w the p90s but can’t bring myself to sell any of these. If anything I’d get rid of the acoustic since I never play it. But I feel like I should have one acoustic. Let me know what you’d get rid of if you were me!


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