[GEAR] NGD – Fender Stratocaster – American Special 2017

Olympic White with Fat 50s It’s the 10 year anniversary of getting my first electric guitar at 18! Big strat guy (first guitar was a squier classic vibe 60s strat), but I had never been able to get myself an American fender, I either didn’t have the funds for it or I told myself I wasn’t a good enough player yet to get myself one. But it was always my dream to own one, a guitar I can play forever and eventually give to my own child if they’re a guitar player.

I managed to make some great deals on a couple guitars I was clearing out, and I added some cash once I found this one. Cost was $950 Canadian, or 737usd, and I don’t think I could have gotten a better deal. It plays great and sounds beautiful, I love the fat 50s pickups. And, as a big Jimi Hendrix fan, it being nearly identical to his Woodstock strat really sealed the deal for me. This ones a keeper!

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