Jazz Guitar Lessons ( Ville de Montréal )

Learn to speak the language of jazz guitar . . . a most challenging but rewarding and life-long journey!

I can help you out, but it’s all up to you to get involved and play every day! After all, how did you ever get to speak your mother tongue so eloquently? Did the thought of giving up ever occur to you? Did you ever consider it “work”?

Of course not!!! You just heard the language all around you and dove in, and in a relatively short time . . . well, you were fluent! And then the vocabulary just kept on increasing! How natural and wonderful and inevitable all that was!

Why not apply this strategy to your music-making? This has always been my approach . . . learn to SPEAK the language! The rest will take care of itself!

Call me @ 514.910.4417 and we can talk about it!

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