[NEWBIE] Yet another new electric player confused about amps and audio interfaces

I’ve played acoustic for about 6 months now and this past thanksgiving I was messing around on my cousin’s electric and this thing is the fucking tits. I love how electric just “pops” if that makes any sense. Anyway, I’m looking into my first electric guitar purchase and been reading a lot about amps and audio interfaces.

My understanding is that amps are better for practicing, gigs, and pick-up & play and audio interfaces are more for recording and “chasing the tone”. I don’t have any aspirations of joining a band or playing at a venue and all I want to do is cover songs. I do enjoy the open air sound of a guitar but I also live in a condo so I have to be reasonable with volume. I’ve read that some amps like the Boss Katana MKII can be used as both an amp and an audio interface and in that case, isn’t that basically a no brainer? Are there any downsides to not getting a jack of both trades instead of a dedicated amp or audio interface?

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