[QUESTION] Is FAKE my Telecaster MEX?

(Pictures below)

Hi, Ive got this Telecaster second hand for about 500 pounds in the UK.

Is 2017 MIM. Has one button on the volume KNOB, I do not know if is normal in this range of guitars.

Also the volume drops a bit whenever I am using the body pickups, it has 4 positions, is this also right?

I do not see any modification, glue or the logo being a sticker but I just wondered if they stuck a squier

body into a Fender fretboard

Also the Serial number: MX17887925 does not appear on the website of Fender and I wonder

for a guitar that is supposed to be this new if this is normal.

Also the plugs for tune the strings(sorry for my English) does not say Fender in the

back but something like SN DELU.

Thanks for your help like always !!! <3


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