[Question] New Fender strat. Should I send it back?

I just got a new Fender player strat in shell pink which I was obviously excited for but it seems to have a few issues which aren’t huge but when I’m paying over ÂŁ700 I would expect it to at least be wiped down before it got shipped. The box came with a lovely boot print on it, the nut doesn’t look great, the whole guitar is covered in white dust with the fretboard looking scratched and in general it looks like someone put it together with their eyes closed. I expected to have to set it up once I got it but honestly I’m kind of disappointed, the least they could do was give it a clean. Should I send it back and get another one?

Here’s some photos


Small Update: Thanks everyone. I have contacted GuitarGuitar who have arranged for the guitar to be collected tomorrow and exchanged for one that hopefully doesn’t have any issues

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