[QUESTION] Pedal-beginner question(s).

I’m looking into buying some pedals, I know I want an eq, a tuner, a delay, an overdrive, a reverb, .. but I also want to experiment with other effects.

I know that effects get expensive quickly.. so I’m thinking whether it’s better to get a multieffect processor like the Zoom g3xn.

So, what are your experiences with a pedal board vs processor?

I like the appeal of slowly building a pedal board, but I’m also on a budget (I’m 16, in high-school, and I have other hobbies I also spend my money on); so I’m not sure what is a better choice.

What processor would you recommend for home use and playing with a band (so it has to be durable), preferably less than ~300euro?

Also people on FB are selling processors like the Boss gt8 (220euro) or Zoom g1x four (110euro).. are those fair deals?

Edit: I forgot to mention that we have a mixer + speakers setup and 2 guitar amps. Sp I’ll likely be using that. We start up back in Septembe, since it’s a school band, up until now, I played bass, but I wanna try playing guitar with the other two guitarists. (We have 2 bassists, me and some other guy).

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