[QUESTION] Why do you have so many guitars?

Someone asked me this question the other day, which is when I realized that my answer has changed. In the beginning I would have said variety – acoustic, electric, nylon string – but then I started accumulating more guitars until I had more than one of each kind. So then I would say it’s about tone, alternate turnings or string weights or whatever. But I’m still very much in the market for more guitars, which is when I realized that my answer changed yet again. I’ve been playing now for 37 years, more on than off, and it’s easy to fall into ruts where I don’t feel like playing as much as I usually do, or I get trapped in a sound or style and get lazy about it. Having a new guitar, or just switching to a different guitar for a while, makes it feel new and fresh again for me. I’m inspired and excited to play.

Anyway, that’s my current answer to that question. What’s yours?

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