[Question] wiring issue has me stumped.

Wiring issue has me stumped.

So I picked up a loaded S1 switch Fender pickgaurd the other day. Got it in and all was good for a few hours and then the bridge pickup stopped working right. I tried everything that I could think of. All of the soldering looks fine. I unsoldered and re soldered the bridge and it worked again for like 10 min and then back to nothing. The middle and neck pickup work fine. But the bridge is super low and I’ve noticed that the tone pot seems to control the volume of the bridge pickup and the tone knob doesn’t seem to affect the middle or neck pickup at all. Ended up taking the bridge pickup out and trying a humbucker that I had laying around and it does the same thing. Multimeter reads 8k on middle and neck pickups and like 220k on the bridge. Not sure what is going on.

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