DrWatson Lion Tamer

Dr Watson Lion Tamer for Fender & Peavey Blues Amps

DrWatson’s Lion Tamer came to me by accident at a time that helped me avert great personal tragedy.  No, it doesn’t treat any serious illness or brace a sprained wrist.  It saves your personal relationship with my coveted amp, which I love to hate. My Fender ‘57 Blues Deluxe reissue 🎸

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[GEAR] [NGD] fender player telecaster HH pau ferro MIM

I recently bought an epiphone les Paul custom pro that turned out to be defective so I traded it for the fender player telecaster HH pau ferro. I’m really loving this guitar. This model has HH pickups with coil splitting which makes it a very versatile guitar. https://imgur.com/gallery/Ytme4QB submitted by 🎸

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Conférence sur L’histoire de la Guitare

Conférence Music Fund Marche: ” l’histoire de la guitare” par Anne-Emmanuelle Ceulemans du Musée des Instruments de Musique, MIM, Bruxelles . Anne-Emmanuelle Ceulemans est conservatrice des instruments à cordes au Musée des Instruments de Musique (www.mim.be) de Bruxelles. Elle enseigne également à l’Université catholique de Louvain et à l’Institut de 🎸

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2009 Fender Telecaster 60’s RE-ISSUE!!! ( Ville de Montréal ) $550,00

Let me introduce you the absolutely vintage sounding Fender Telecaster 60’s Re-Issue, Color: Classic Olympic White!!!!! This guitar is 100% ORIGINAL!!!!……exactly like it came from factory. And it’s condition is “MINT” or “SHOWROOM”….call it whatever you want….there’s not a scratch, not a dent….not even a hair on it!!! MIM It 🎸