[GEAR] – I’m done. I have it. My dream guitar, the ultimate guitar, the G&L Doheny V12 in Sunset Coral.


This thing is a goddamned beauty. The G&L CLF Research Doheny V12 in Sunset Coral. It’s got MFD humbuckers, PTB controls, made in America with the perfect colour/pickguard/fretboard combination for me. The fit and finish is superb. It’s crazy versatile and super comfortable to play. The frets are a dream and it came set up. You can get easily dial in that treble-high jangle surf sound or go down and deep and play those humbuckers for all it’s worth. The PTB controls should be standard everywhere, they are that good and useful. This guitar is even cooler because of the three way switches that let you put each pickup in single, parallel, or series mode.

It’s basically my ultimate guitar. I am now considering selling the rest of my guitars because this is… perfect. For fans of G&L, Jazzmasters, off-sets, or just probably the best bang for buck guitar on the market, take a look at the CLF Research guitars that G&L is creating. Don’t sleep on it.

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