[GEAR] [QUESTION] Is this normal for a Telecaster?

A month ago, I bought a Fender Player Telecaster. During the month I’ve had It, I’ve noticed that the `1st string is very close to the edge. Upon inspection of the nut, I noticed that it’s cut very close to the edge because all 6 slots are slightly offset to the right (Check images). Is this normal for a telecaster? I have a warranty on the guitar, should I get it replaced/fixed? Thanks.

EDIT: I’ve talked with the website I bought it with. Due to not being a fully unplayable problem, I’m getting a partial refund, with which I should be able to get the nut replaced. Thanks for the help!

Images:Close-up: https://imgur.com/Fcl6xSiRegular: https://imgur.com/H6ttge0

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