[GEAR] using your phone to adjust humbuckers

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a trick that helped me. For sometime now I have changed the pickups on my guitar to SD hot rodded set but always felt like sound was missing something. I went through a lot of forums- luthier/guitar manufacturer websites to collect recommended pick up heights. But still it didn’t help completely.

One of the other topics discussed was pole piece heights, there were three approaches:

  1. Get the pole piece heights similar to fretboard radius (it didn’t help)

  2. Don’t touch the pole pieces (even some pickup manufacturers tells so but obviously didn’t help my case)

  3. Use your ear to get each string sounding same loudness ( I think it’s a good approach but since I am not a seasoned player my ear is not well trained and I completely got derailed)

Finally last night I had an idea to get a decibel meter for my phone and use it to adjust polepieces. Amp eq set to flat I adjusted each pole pieces so that each string has the similar decibel value. And suddenly I had a very balanced nice sounding pickup which especially helps with high gain stuff.

TLDR: use a decibel meter/ sound meter to adjust your pole pieces (with flat amp eq)so that each string has the same value.

I hope this helps out people struggling with their sound like me

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