[QUESTION] Really struggling to jam with the piano players im surrounded by.

So heres my problem. I can jam for hours to just about any backing track or another guitar player. But i happen to be surrounded by piano players and not much else to play with, and i really struggle to keep up with them. Its kind of hard for me to explain but it just seems like piano players fill a shitload of musical space and i really struggle to fit in and sound nice. My dad plays piano and i play with him alot so i can kind of get him to chill and not play so many fills sometimes. Is it just the piano players i play with? or something im doing wrong? i mostly play lead guitar and i feel like i would get along better just comping some chords but when im jamming with someone i hate to ask them the chords and do all that figuring, taking more time, and i struggle with just picking up chords by ear like that. Im pretty good at following the chord tones when im playing lead but ACTUALLY playing the chords has me kind of lost. Any advice? Do piano and guitar just not fit together well? Also any advice on tone when accompanying them? grand pianos mainly. I have an easier time if someones playing the keyboard for some reason

Edit: Holy shit you guys have just thrown so much wisdom on me and im a bit inebriated at the moment and im going to need time to process it before i can reply to you all. I am sooo appreciative all of this i didnt really expect this much help and information haha thank you all.

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