[QUESTION] Idea/advice for amp stacking guitar & bass amps for baritone set up?

Alright, its possible i’m just not thinking far enough into this but; Recently been thinking about pulling the trigger on a baritone. new project i’ve been writing for is pretty heavy overall but has some ambient stuff at times. So, Thinking about using this 27” baritone in this band; just cause. We have a bassist. The other guitarist is using a 25.5” with some heavier gauge strings. Good tones, No intonation issues. We all know our shit. (for the most part, lol)

Thinking about possibly using something like an Orange Terror head of some kind—matching that to a smaller guitar cab maybe, 2×10 or a 1×12?? BUT WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO DO- is run something like that, With my Peavey Mark 4 bass head that I use with a 4×10 ampeg cab (normal bass use) and still push plenty of gain/distortion between the both. Maintaining clarity in all low ends and getting plenty of the highs without issue. Sounds like a cool way to just produce a massive sound.

Problem is- i don’t have any experience stacking/mixing amps/cabs really. Is signal splitting what i should be learning here? How does one go about combining guitar/bass gear and what’s the easiest way to achieve this? Anybody do anything similar?

Any input is appreciated! 🙂

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