[Question] [Newbie] Tips for barring your finger across strings?

Hello! I’m a newbie at guitar having only played for about a year off and on. I’ve been practicing a bit more frequently lately, about once every other day for about half an hour. I’m focusing on finger style and I’m having problems with barring my fingers across strings for chords like E1-D3-G2-B1 on 7th capo or E3-G2-B3-E2. The sound is never good on all the strings and I think it’s because I can’t apply consistent pressure on all the strings. When I try to do that it hurts before I can get a good sound out, particularly right below the knuckle where the line in the skin is. I can do it more successfully for some chords like A5–D5-G6-B7-E5, but it’s a bit inconsistent. Should I keep doing what I am to build more tolerance or is there something else that’s better for me to do?

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