[QUESTION] NOOB Trying to master guitar

I always read that you can never master the guitar and you’re never done learning. I find that discouraging, but I realized that people probably have different definitions of mastering the guitar. What I mean is that I want to be able to play anything well if I have a tab in front of me and a couple of weeks to learn. Under that definition how long do you think it takes to master the guitar? say you’re practicing 3 hours a day!

I want to rephrase my question because I feel like I asked it incorrectly! I care not about being a musician or writing songs. All I care about is playing along to my favorite songs. Some of my favorite songs are super difficult. To me the ultimate goal would be to play Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Doc Watson and Megadeth songs. so ignore my misuse of mastery! My question is roughly how long would it take to have the technical skills to play songs that are at that level?

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