[GEAR] The most tonally diverse guitar I own. I present to you.. the Straguar

It’s a 1993 Fender Strat MIM with the guts swapped from an HH Fender Jaguar. The lipstick tube pickup in the middle is actually a guitar fetish brand bridge pickup. The SPST switch in place of the 2nd tone turns the lipstick on and off, the two black roller knobs blend the pickups between humbucker and single coil (think “coil and a half”) the three black switches: left most is on off for neck pup, middle is on off for bridge, and the far right is a treble bleed circuit. Oh and the black switch all on its own is a Killswitch (:

The humbuckers are Fender Enforcers. Like 24k output. They clean up so nice and with the lipstick included, can go from grimy and hellish distortion to sparkling jangly bell like cleans. It’s absolutely insane the amount of different tones are capable on this monstrosity.


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