[PLAY] PLAYERS SPOTLIGHT THREAD – Week 6 – your PLAY post goes in here. Please read the directions inside.

Good Friday everyone. This is the Player Spotlight Thread. If you came to show off what you are doing, this is the place to drop your link.

Last week was the final grace week, all [PLAY] posts will need to post in here beginning today… [PLAY] Posts outside of this thread will be culled. – Post your playing here. The rules are simple – It must be Guitar driven. It must be you playing. You CAN seek likes and subscribers. No music listed can be linked to a sale site. One post per week per person.

Discourtesy rules APPLY. (If you can’t say something positive, don’t say anything)

Soundcloud and YouTube Links ONLY. Posts that are not specific to playing are dumped.

-= No Trolling =-

If you are seeking feedback on a technique, style, sound, or production, continue to make a normal post. Everything else goes in here.

Let’s hear what you got! *please report any post violating the above rules.

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