[Question] Set up / Buzzing Issues

Hi everyone,

I am a beginner player. I started practicing guitar on my Father in laws Fender jazzmaster. After a while I decided to dedicate more time and take it more seriously. I bought myself a Srat 2 months ago.

And after doing some research. I figured it is a good idea to get a professional set up done on it( had some tuning issues too). I took the guitar to a professional and got the set up done.Now the guitar now feels like a new guitar. It plays much better action is way lower and it keeps in tune. I am really happy how the guitar feels. However I noticed that some frets esp low E string buzz. The buzz is only noticeable when the guitar is unplugged and does not translate to the amp. I was wondering if this is normal on electric guitar? Should I take it back for an adjustment. However I really don’t wanna sacrifice how good it feels now. As a newbie it is hard to make calls on issues like this. I just wanted ask opinions of more experienced players. Thank you!

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