Recording with Focusrite Scarlett series while playing to other audio? [QUESTION]

I’m needing a new interface for recording and wondering what peoples’ experiences have been with the Focusrite Scarlett series. My setup is from a Hughes and Kettner amp with built-in redbox, through an interface, in to Ableton Live. I have a problem with my current interface where when I’m playing to a drum track or other audio from my computer, while monitoring through the interface, if I am recording it will also record the audio in that track. Basically *anything* played and monitored through the USB connection through the interface will be recorded.

This isn’t working for me, and I’ve confirmed with the manufacturer that this is normal behaviour as it is intended for podcasting. I’ve been leaning toward the Scarlett 2i2 so I can record microphone as well. For people who have experience with these interfaces, am I able to monitor audio from the computer (background music, drum track, click track, or whatever) through the interface, at the same time as recording my playing, without recording the computer’s audio along with my own part?

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